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There is this hardware malfunction that plagues the operation of a Xbox 360 called the “red ring of death” which you may be aware of. Is is possible to repair the 3 red ring lights of Xbox 360? Is there a possible solution in sending the Xbox Microsoft for repairs or does one have to discard the console?

The technicians call it a general hardware failure but it is popularly called the Xbox 360 red ring of death. Unfortunately these failures are becoming quite common and are giving Microsoft a bad reputation. Some of these consoles have been returned to Microsoft and replaced with repaired consoles, but often the problem returns and Microsoft’s reputation takes another hit. Next the owner has to decide if he will trust Microsoft to fix it again or if he will try another route.

Unfortunately the red ring of death is relatively common as it is estimated that 17 per cent of the Xbox 360 consoles will succumb to this hardware failure. Several causes for this problem have been leaked by insiders at Microsoft, including bad system design, use of substandard parts, and manufacturing problems. They even claim that there weren’t enough personnel at the testing department to catch the problem before product release. Naturally lawsuits have been filed against Microsoft by victims and their lawyers.

If you find that your Xbox 360 has stopped working, the first step is to check the power button on the front. It’s possible that you will see the Xbox red ring, made up for three or four red lights around the power button. You may also find that your console is very hot, which may be due to hardware failure.
It might also lead to scratches on your Xbox disks when you put them in the console. Try to avoid using the Xbox 360 when you see the red rings of death to minimize the damage. Sometimes the disks will get so scratched that they can

If you are suffering from comparable issues, look for this low cost guide written by a fellow named Chris. A link to his web site can be found below. It included step-by-step instructions for repairing an Xbox360, and worked great for me!